Responding to Change

A group of physicians at the Medical Center of Plano formed the Plano Physicians Group (PPG) in 1986. The purpose was to allow the physicians a vehicle to deal with bulk healthcare consumers on a business level separate from quality of care issues handled by the medical staff. In addition, PPG served as a source of education for physicians regarding managed care.
PPG is a non-profit physician controlled and clinically integrated Texas Corporation that participates with major insurance companies providing healthcare in fee-for-service as well as value based payment methodologies. The PPG physicians are active members of the community and are committed to serving, teaching and assisting the citizens of North Texas.
Today, PPG is a group of over 700 physicians and is generally recognized as the preeminent physician organization in Collin County. Since its inception, PPG’s physicians, covering primary care and all other major medical specialties, have dedicated themselves to providing quality, progressive, cost effective and personalized medical services to the citizens, businesses and payors of North Texas.
In the early 1990’s the healthcare industry began to experience great change. Ahead of their time, the physicians of PPG anticipated that the future of healthcare would include the need to demonstrate quality. This need would require technology and administrative services.
The decision was made to form a Managed Service Organization (MSO), the Patient Physician Network Holding Company, L.L.C. (PPNHCo), a Texas corporation. PPHNCo was incorporated in February 1996 and officially began formal operations April 1, 1997. PPNHCo introduced to the community the concept of healthcare reengineering by helping physicians combine quality of care issues with cost, utilization and outcome data.

In addition the principles of collecting physician fee-for-service claims data, developing clinical profiles for delivering care, identifying cost efficiencies, educating physicians and changing physician behavior facilitated the movement to clinical integration when it was originally introduced. PPNHCo went on to form a Texas nonprofit 501.a corporation known as the Patient Physician Network (PPN) for the purpose of contracting with Third Party Payors and the ability to assume risk.